… Worn out…

Have you ever been exhausted? Not just tired, not just blah. But totally exhausted to the point that you just don’t want to get out of bed? That’s the point I hit about two months ago. I’m finally back to just being tired and I’m slowly working towards being excited about things again. I’ve returnedContinue reading “… Worn out…”

Pumpkins, Poems, and Pictures

Did it again… I slipped off the radar. In my defense, it has been a little busy in the grand scheme of things and I like sleep. Castiel And ILike Sleep INeed Sleep GIF from Castiel GIFs https://tenor.com/embed.js What I might do, since my well-laid plans seem to get shot to hell, is start writingContinue reading “Pumpkins, Poems, and Pictures”

Badlands: The Walk thru Mordor

Badlands- the name sparks curiosity. I’ve always been fascinated by the Badlands in South Dakota.  The area is in many ways like a desert but its home to the United States largest protected area of mixed grass prairie. It seems devoid of life. Yet it is home to 329 animal species and over 400 plantContinue reading “Badlands: The Walk thru Mordor”

Rocky Mountains and Gallbladder Pains

Winter has hit Nebraska; a major winter storm blew through Saturday night. Today I spent most of the day washing laundry, catching up on emails, and finally sitting down to work on my blog. After a week of fun in the sun and a week of Thanksgiving joy, I’m ready to get back to myContinue reading “Rocky Mountains and Gallbladder Pains”