It’s been a while…

Hi all, I fell off the map. Sorry about that. Things got a little hectic again. Time got away from me and my blogging plans went off the rails. I had a major round with seasonal affective disorder again. Adding to it was anxiety and stress caused by postpartum issues, plus COVID-19 wasn’t helping myContinue reading “It’s been a while…”

Hayduke Blues

*I wrote this two weeks ago and forgot about it… sleep deprivation strikes again… Hi all! It’s been a busy month and a half again! The baby has me in a foggy addled state. We’ve been getting outside on the nicer days but between my recovery from the c-section and Princesses recovery I haven’t feltContinue reading “Hayduke Blues”

Pumpkins, Poems, and Pictures

Did it again… I slipped off the radar. In my defense, it has been a little busy in the grand scheme of things and I like sleep. Castiel And ILike Sleep INeed Sleep GIF from Castiel GIFs What I might do, since my well-laid plans seem to get shot to hell, is start writingContinue reading “Pumpkins, Poems, and Pictures”