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Wintertime Blues

Hi all, I’m finally over the cough from hell— just took antibiotics. Well, I did slip into a SAD episode. My mental health is jumping up and down—before screaming and faceplanting on the floor, mimicking my toddler. I know the steps to take but it’s hard to pull yourself out of the slump. I tryContinue reading “Wintertime Blues”

Wannabe on the Trail: Germ Theory…

It’s not what you think. Well, it kind of is…

To begin, germ theory according to is, “germ theory, in medicine, the theory that certain diseases are caused by the invasion of the body by microorganisms, organisms too small to be seen except through a microscope.”

It’s pretty spot on if you ask me.

Since having and recovered from Covid, I now have a cough that I have decided as come from Purgatory because it’s never going to end!!

Dramatic? Yes— I am channeling my toddlers emotional range dealing with this. I was just sick and wanted a little longer to “feel normal” before dealing with another round of any thing.

However, germ theory has reared it’s head and decided to remind me it’s never over.

Now this cough sucks— I pulled a muscle in my side coughing in my sleep, sucks. Went to the doctor and ruled out a reemergence of Voldemort in viral form. And because my boss and coworker had it, influenza. It wasn’t, but it’s definitely upper respiratory infection level stuff so I got meds— yay! Let’s just make those germs stronger…

I could probably let it run it’s course but pulling a muscle coughing in your sleep leads to breaking ribs the same way.

I digress.

Since it didn’t seem to come from work that leaves me with another potential patient zero.

A cute, adorable patient zero.

So… I have a child. He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He has massive tantrums— whole nine yards.

He also goes to daycare.

He gets exposed to everything from germs to the proper way to throw his shoes across the room courtesy of the older kids.

I don’t mind him going to daycare— the provider is great, the kids socialize really well, and I can work a job that provides quit well with benefits.

It also has the added benefit that my kid will be immune to everything when he’s older because in my 33 years I don’t remember being sick as often as I am now.

Germ theory at work or the delusions of the person that just coughed themselves awake and pulled a muscle? You be the judge.

Keep wandering— and thinking of healthy things,


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