Flashback Friday: Glacier National Park August 2022

Night skies and day hikes!

I’m getting my groove back and writing again. All the projects I’ve procrastinated on I’m finally getting done!

Go me!!

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, this summer at my day job I was suffering from burnout. Luckily, some of the restrictions from the Plague That Shall Not Be Named were lifted and I could attend some much-needed training for my day job. August slowly came around and so did Night Sky Academy at Glacier National Park.

Due to the structure of the Academy my workday shifted to 2pm to 11 pm. So, in my off-morning time with fellow attendees, we’re all parkie nerds, we went hiking!

My slightly blurry consistent foot pic– only instead of my standard hiking boots– my Chaco’s!

We did have limited time, so we stuck to short distances and hikes close to St. Mary. Although, we did make it an early, early morning (for me) and did a boat tour to Two Medicine, followed by a hike.

We did our first group hike to Baring Falls near St. Mary– we only did the short loop, but it was a pleasurable walk and the waterfall a treat.

The lake was wonderful and we took breaks to stare out over it and to set and let the waves break over our feet.

Once we started back to the trailhead we decided to head up to Sun Point. The views were amazing but the wind was intense at times.

Many Glaciers was next; we hiked around the lake, and I saw a grizzly a long way away… I really need to invest in a quality telephoto lens.

Followed by my favorite, Two Medicine. We decided to go early and check out the boat tour. The historical boat intrigued me. The waterfall was sweet.

Overall– I wish I had more time and had either kept a field journal or wrote this post back in August after I got back…

I’m including NPS website links to the trails here:

Baring Falls & St. Mary

Many Glacier

Two Medicine

Keep wandering,



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I've always enjoyed the outdoors; I love camping, kayaking, and canoeing. However, I decided to break out the hiking boots for longer than a day or two and dive into the world of backpacking.

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