Wannabe on the Trail: Internal Arguments

The following is a brief conversation between myself and my personal Gollum.

~6:30 a.m. Alarm blares and wakefulness intrudes.~

Gollum: *Hiss* I want to go back to bed. It’s cold. I want to snuggle into my couch under a blanket. I want more Oreo Balls.

Me: *Sigh* I have to adult.

I really don’t want to.

All well, I have stuff to do.

Do I have too?


Are you sure?

Yes… we need to get in shape, go to work, and start creating content.

Internal screaming

That’s my Monday. Apparently my Wednesday too.

I’m not really dipping into the SAD realm yet, but I feel it creeping in. I want to make changes to keep it from really hitting me this year.

However, getting my ducks in a row and motivating myself is tough. I’m stalling on working out and finding excuses not to take thirty minutes for a basic workout.

That changes today! This evening after Hunter goes to bed I am doing a light thirty minute workout and Yoga. It’s time to take some accountability, avoid the couch, and get in shape!

Keep wandering,


P.S. *screech* Return to the warmth!!! Why are you putting on clothes? NOOOOO!!!

P.S.S. Deal with it.

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I've always enjoyed the outdoors; I love camping, kayaking, and canoeing. However, I decided to break out the hiking boots for longer than a day or two and dive into the world of backpacking.

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